Here are a few questions I get asked frequently. Get to know me!

Where do you live?

I’m currently based in Canggu, Bali but going here and there all the time! It’s a funny feeling calling paradise your home, but I really like it here. All my belongings fit in my suitcase, so I’ll pick up and move when I’m ready to find a new adventure. My parents live in Ooty, India so I tend to shuffle between there and Canggu. Before Bali, I lived in Los Angeles for 5 years!

How do you make an income?

I’m a copywriter and social media manager! I help clients with their online social presence by writing content such as engaging blog posts, catchy social media posts, and even those cheeky emails you love getting! I also help them create social media content, get engagement, and create a following!

Do your parents support you?

It’s part of Indian culture to be supported financially by your parents till you reach a certain career goal. Living in Los Angeles was extremely tough. It’s taken me a while, but I’m 99% independent now. I really like living a simple life with extraordinary experiences.

My mom backpacked Europe with her classmate after she graduated college, my dad used to ride bikes and go to Burning Man. It was only matter of time till I began my travels. They are extremely supportive of my travel goals and have raised me to be super independent. “Settling down” is never something we talk about, conversation is always about the next destination. Although, my dad does call me every other week asking if I’d like to go to flying school to become a pilot.

What does Letmehearyousingh mean?

So my Instagram handle is Letmehearyousingh.

Well, Singh is my last name and this was my username I created when I was 13, lol, and you know what - I still like it. I’m a horrible singer, so it has nothing to do with singing. The name Singh in Punjabi culture holds a lot of pride as it means being brave or courageous. I like to think of it more along the lines of “Let me see the pride that you have”.

What is the most beautiful place you have ever been to?

There are so many places I’ve had the opportunity to visit which I feel are absolutely stunning… Barcelona, Switzerland, Florence, etc. but, its the emotions a place makes you go through which will set it apart from the rest. For me, it was being at EDC (music festival) in Vegas. I had just graduated university, returned from an amazing family trip, and had a great job - I was genuinely so so happy with life. The trip was extra special because I had also decided to spend a week in Vegas prior to the festival but I had nothing planned and hadn’t gone with anyone. This was me entirely solo and winging it. I had come up to work the event backstage, but ended up quitting because the festival was just such a great production and I wanted to experience it. The entire trip all fell into place and I really really had the time of my life. I’ll never forget the memories I made that weekend. It really showed me that even though you’re independent, that doesn’t mean you’re alone, even in a place like Vegas.

What’s the biggest culture shock you experienced moving to Bali?

After living in India, I don’t think there’s much that would really shock me, but definitely the bugs. I’m mega OCD crazy clean freak. It’s taken a lot but I’m changing my ways and getting comfortable with the bugs. I still cringe. Lizards and I have an unspoken mutual agreement that if they stay on their side of the room, we won’t bother each other.

Where do you want to go to next?

My dream is to be able to be both fully remote and successful. Not only am I making money online, I want to make an amount can that sustain my ideal lifestyle. I’m living a really simple life in Southeast Asia right now, but I’m working towards spending a summer in the French or Italian coast. Yaknow, where you’re able to work in the mornings, ride your cycle to the market or a pebble-stone beach, maybe learn amazing cooking - just like in the movies. I don’t want to travel anywhere else until I can do that. A mix of Under The Tuscan Sun and the Lizzy McGuire movie.

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