Nanki Singh Digital Nomad

hey, it’s me!

A quick little intro for those who haven’t gotten to know me yet!

This blog has 2 really important purposes:

  1. I want to inspire all South Asian girls to travel independently. Regardless if you are in South Asia going to tuition everyday in school uniform or on the flip side in the UK or Canada having a daily struggle with conservative family expectations - I want to create conversation, share travel stories, and ultimately help you become as independent as you dream of being.

  2. I also really want to help content creators make India shine to it’s max. With having such a strong connection to the western world, I want to show them how vibrant my country really is. There’s so much more to India than Rajasthan, Agra, and Delhi. I hope to resonate with content creators and help guide their travels to all untouched parts of India.

I would generically start with a “Born and Raised in California” intro, but nobody has time to be generic. So let me tell you a little about myself, and then I want to hear about you!

Basically, my crazy life really started in ‘09 when my parents retired and we moved from suburbs America to spicy South India. White-washed little me had no idea what I was in for. Clueless! I joined a local Tamil school where every student went out of their way to make sure I was an outcast. This was where I had to grow up – and fast. I learnt how to be street smart, I rolled up my sleeves and took it all in. This has probably been the weirdest phase of my life but I’m grateful I experienced it. It connected me with a culture I had known nothing about. The Nilgiris was more than just a part of South India, it was now my home. In a way, I kinda feel more Tamilian than Punjabi - well until you put on Bhangra music that is. lol.

A year later, my parents felt like I was ready to handle boarding school – another curve ball I knew nothing about, but why not? Let’s do it. Having a great basketball team and a few cute boys, I joined Hebron (the tiniest British school hidden away in the jungle). I made my best friends here – scratch that, I made my family here. Before moving to Bali, this was the time in my life I was the most “me”. We were all stuck there together – being at school with the same people, the same teachers you hated, the same everything 24/7. The girls had no choice but to embrace how weird I was. I was the American-Punjabi kid with braces and glasses that was always dancing to Katy Perry, eating too many noodles, and lived out of this cozy purple woolen blanket that you would probably find at your grandma’s house - whatever, it was high school.

Then I graduated and headed straight to LA - the real world hit me again, this time harder. This is where I became a grown woman. In a city built on breast augmentations, drug addictions, and Gucci flip flops, all alone baby Nanki went from Nilgiri Hills to Beverly Hills. If I wanted to survive in this city, I knew I had to get my shit together. In college, I wanted to do it all – I joined a sorority, tons of different organizations, and had multiple jobs and internships all at one go. I was overdosing on creating a future for myself. My parents were really proud of me.

Ok Pause.

So everything up to this point, I thought I was doing the whole “growing up” thing right. I was going through life blindly but I assumed if this what all my cousins were doing, I had to do it just as good or better right? but in reality, I was soo bored.

One summer I got so over it, I didn’t feel like going back home, I saved up over an entire semester to take my first solo trip to Europe, and lol, that’s when everything changed. Babe-watching on the beaches of Nice? Dancing all night in Barcelona? Cooking in Rome? I was in love, I was thriving! 6 years and a ton of crazy new memories with crazy new friends later, I’ve evolved entirely as a person. Traveling is honestly the real source of all my happiness.

After spending time in the the corporate world, I’ve now embarked on a permanent adventure by moving to Southeast Asia to see how beautifully I can continue to evolve! Aside from my career, the only commitment I have is the standing fan I’ve purchased from a sidey local store. I’m getting to be young and figure life out. It’s exciting, kinda scary too, but I want to share how wild it gets with you.

Let’s connect!