Omnia Day Club - Bali Guide

So this past weekend, my bestie and I went to Omnia Day Club - we had been craving a day out of Canggu to dance our hearts out and have an all-around perfect day! Heading for Uluwatu, Omnia gave us exactly what we needed. Omnia Day Club is a must-do on your Bali vacay!

Omnia Day Club Bali Uluwatu Indonesia

What’s Omnia Day Club in Bali like?

If you’ve been to Vegas, you’ve definitely heard of Omnia. An international day club that always brings the party. Think Ibiza + Vegas vibes put perfectly together on a sunshine filled Bali day. As soon as you enter the venue, you know it’s going to be one of the most epic days of your entire trip – the tunes are bumping, the crowd is ultra-cool and probably one of the world’s DJ is expected to perform that night. The only thing to worry about is how many Long Island Iced Teas will you be having?

In Bali, it’s exactly what you dream of it to be – no expenses spared, Omnia Bali delivers - especially on the weekends. I highly recommend visiting on the weekend as that’s when their biggest parties are!

Premium bottles, quality service, and the freshest sushi a girl could ever dream of. If you aren’t able to spend an entire day lounging by the pool, try to have lunch at their ultra-chic restaurant Sake No Hana.

Omnia Day Club Bali Uluwatu Indonesia
Omnia Day Club Bali Uluwatu Indonesia

Don’t even get us started about the location – so luxurious! In a remote corner of Uluwatu, this venue is perfectly perched cliffside giving you the most glamorous view of the Indian Ocean and all it’s beauty beyond.

What’s happening at Omnia?

An absolutely amazing time - always. Nobody needs an occasion for Omnia – it’s whatever you make of it. Whether you choose to book a daybed to get your tan or sip drinks at the pool bar, you’ll never want the day to be over.

My favorite part of Omnia is the crowd. Even with it being the most “boujie” place on the island, everyone’s chilling with good vibes.

I’ve even been on my own once, Above & Beyond was performing and I couldn’t get my girls together to go. Yolo, I ended up making amazing friends and had the best time dancing the night away with a firework show to end the night. If you’re debating to go alone – just do it. Be open to talking to people, you’ll meet people super easily. Also – take the shuttle bus that I mention below. It’s the best way to make some new friends!

I’ve gone alone and I’ve also gone with big groups of people. I’ve always noticed after 5pm, the entire crowd becomes one and that’s when the party really starts going. Everything gets hotter once the sun sets right? Omnia is also the perfect place to go with all your besties. They really cater well to big groups and the quality of service you get here is much nicer than what you’d ever get in Vegas. Bachellorete parties, proposals, big birthday bashes – you’ll see it all here and everyone’s trying to celebrate. Would never imagine getting proposed to at Omnia, but I’ve seen it happen lol.

Omnia Day Club Bali Uluwatu Indonesia

If you prefer bottle service, definitely take the opportunity to be treated like royalty by the Omnia team. A parade of stunning women bring out your bottle each holding name cards and a flag of your country. It’s time to live it up! Did you know they also do birthday cakes?

The staff there are amazing – especially security. They are always secretly dying to dance but are trying to do their job. Go up and speak with them, they’ll give you a good laugh. But also, they definitely know how to do their job. This isn’t the place to try to get away with drugs or be abusive. Indonesians don’t take this lightly and have a very strict no tolerance policy. It’s not worth it. Honestly, you don’t even need it - come for the Bali vibes.

What to bring?

Definitely bring your ID – Omnia is 21+!

I hate bringing lots of stuff – I never really have more than a fanny pack (or a bum bag, whichever you like to call it). It’s also important to know that Omnia Bali doesn’t have lockers. We usually hide our stuff below a table and haven’t had any problems.

Have less to worry about and leave the the bulky stuff at home. My favorite part about partying in Bali is that nobody is looking at what you are wearing, nobody cares - but if you’ve been waiting for a chance to wear those new Prada sunglasses of yours, it’s their time girlfriend.

You don’t need to bring much here; they provide clean towels. Also, definitely bring sunscreen if you tend to burn! You’ll be under the sun all day!

What to wear?

Boys, no “Bintang” shirts, 100% you won’t get in.

Omnia does have a dress code, but stick to tropical beachy clothes you packed and you’ll be Gucci! Similar to other day clubs, Omnia guests are usually lounging in swimwear and cute cover-ups. Just do you boo.

Omnia Day Club Bali Uluwatu Indonesia
Omnia Day Club Bali Uluwatu Indonesia

Major tips to save money

Everyone I know says “I love Omnia, but it’s so expensive” and you know what - I agree! For Bali prices, Omnia is more expensive than any other day club on the island - which makes sense, it’s on a whole different level and caters to the tourist crowd. For backpackers and those travelling on a budget, Omnia is still worth visiting - but you don’t have to break the bank!

Bali Omnia Free Shuttle Bus

Omnia offers a free Party Bus - every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (the best days to go!) Look at the flier above to know exactly where to catch it from either Seminyak or Canggu. With the party bus, you’ll receive free entry and a complimentary drink token! Win-win!

I’ve taken the shuttle bus multiple times, and it’s been so convenient! Pick up a couple beers and enjoy the free ride to Uluwatu.

Omnia Day Club Bali Uluwatu Indonesia